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Welcome to Lisbon!

Welcome to Lisbon, the Portuguese capital. Legend has it that the city was founded by the mythical Ulysses. While it is true or not, the fact is that the history of the city dates back to the Phoenicians and Carthaginians . With a strong Roman and Moorish influences , the city’s diversity is emphasized in 15th century with the Portuguese discoveries which put together Jews , Slavs , Arabs, Italians, French , English and Dutch . Being a natural harbor embraced by Tagus , Lisbon always captured the strong influence of all the merchants who passed here . In the 70s it received a huge community of former African colonies.

For all this and more , Lisbon is one of the most vibrant and interesting capitals . Combines tradition with modernity, the story with architecture , fado with the food and the sun with the sea. Lisbon has all that other capitals have … and a little more.

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